Wineries are re-opening but things are far from what they were before the pandemic. The situation is fluid and varies state by state.  In Napa and Sonoma, wineries can only host outdoors.  In Texas Hill Country, wineries must remain closed for tasting but can sell bottles curbside.  There are all kinds of rules for social distancing and every winery and restaurant is responding to them in their own way, depending on how their space configured. To accommodate the new rules, businesses will be operating at reduced capacity for the foreseeable future. They will only be able to accept so many visitors; it’s possible you could get turned away.  Forget about just walking in for a tasting at most wineries.

Wine Country Vacations - Booker and Butler ConciergesThis state of flux means each winery’s hours and offerings are subject to change, making what used to be a carefree outing harder to plan. That’s where we come in. We will help you navigate this new normal… find accommodations, book wine tastings, line up drivers and chefs, make spa and restaurant reservations. Whatever you want, we make it happen, even with all the Covid-related challenges, social distancing requirements and most importantly ensuring all places and people we book you with are following proper sanitization standards.

You might be thinking, What can a concierge do for me that I can’t do for myself? Fair question. After all, there are endless blog posts and magazine articles on the subject. A google search of What to do in Wine Country yields 1,380,000,000 results. And your social media feed is likely overflowing with winery hospitality pics. Clearly, there is no shortage of ideas. But that’s not really the point if what you need is a plan.

So, who needs a concierge? Anyone who values their time.

It’s important to note that Booker & Butler is not a tour company. We have no set itineraries, nor do we accompany you on your journey. Instead, we tailor everything to your specific needs and wants. Whether it’s a girl’s getaway, a weekend retreat, a birthday or an anniversary celebration, we put together customized itineraries so you can travel confidently on your own. With your travel arranged, your reservations made, and your itinerary mapped, you’re free to enjoy your Wine Country adventure.