Booker and Butler: more than a recommendation-engine. Less than a chaperone.

Google “wine country vacation planning” and you will get 18,800,000 results. Check in with your facebook friends and you will be showered with recommendations. Hop on to YELP. There’s no shortage of opinions or ideas about what to do in the Wine Country. And that’s just the problem you face when planning a Napa-Sonoma or Texas Hill Country getaway.

To make the most of your precious free time, you need a smarter solution.  You need Wine Country vacation planning that is easy, intuitive and respectful of your interests, time and budget – a partner who can act on your behalf. You need someone, on the inside, who knows what’s going on, right now, in Napa and Sonoma and TX Hill Country. Someone who has your objectives in mind. And someone who can get things done.

Booker & Butler is a California and Texas wine country concierge serving overnight visitors to Sonoma and Napa as well as the fast growing Texas Hill Country. Our clients are those who have the resources, but perhaps not the time, to spend researching, choosing and reserving all the things to do here. They want to spend more time doing – and less time driving around to find things to do.

Want help with your Napa, Sonoma or Fredericksburg travel planning? Learn more about how we work and what we charge here.

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We founded Booker and Butler to offer concierge services exclusive to Napa and Sonoma because we, too, are seekers of pleasure, culture and well-being. And we’ve found that Napa–Sonoma has pretty much everything we need. Same goes for the up and coming wine region in Texas Hill Country. We live to eat, drink, play and learn. We want to be entertained, pampered and indulged just like you do. Booker & Butler is our way of sharing our good fortune – with you.