Napa Hot Air Ballooning - Booker and Butler Concierges“Don’t worry about the champagne,” the pilot shouted,
“when the balloon rises the cool air will chill it.”

It’s 7:20am and we’ve just lifted off from Yountville to get a bird’s eye view of  Napa Valley. What a way to start our adventure tour planned by Booker & Butler, provider of our concierge services. It’s a little early to start drinking — the sights are plenty intoxicating as it is.
As we drift across the valley I see a ribbon of road that twists its way around a lake and disappears up in the hills. When we get back on terra firma, the boys are renting motorcycles to see where exactly those roads lead. The girls have their own adventure tour planned: they’re going to go kayaking down the Napa river.  Napa by land, water and air.  Crazy. The thrills continue tomorrow with zip lining under a canopy of redwood trees in Sonoma. When do we sleep?

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