The speedometer read 110 when I last glanced at it. That was 2 seconds ago and now I don’t even want to know how fast we’re going.

Sonoma Raceway - Booker and Butler ConciergesWe’re at the Audi Sportscar Experience at Sonoma Raceway – a guys trip, one of our many annual getaways — and I’m in the passenger seat of an Audi R8. This is the introductory class where we learn “dynamic car-control” so we can become confident “R8 pilots.” That’s instructor-speak for hauling ass and pretending like you’re not scared shitless.

As we round the sweeper in Turn 2, I can feel my body being sucked into the seat, the G-forces are that intense. I feel like, if he doesn’t let up I’m gonna pass out. Of all our guys trips, this year we’ve pulled out all the stops. The track day was stupid-expensive. But hey, you only live once.

Carneros Brewery Sonoma CA - Booker and Butler ConciergesWe’ve made a pit stop at a brewery in Carneros, about halfway between Napa and Sonoma.  Everyone is seriously amped up after the track session and we need to take it down a notch. Another IPA or two should do it.

Tonight we have a private chef cooking us dinner. We’ll be busting out some of the cult Cabernets we just bought (so much for laying them down). Afterwards we’ll be doing a bourbon tasting lead by a local distiller. Bourbon and Cubans. Boo-ya!

Tomorrow, we hit the links and then we’ll try our hand at fly fishing. There’s a place called Leland Ranch in Sonoma Wine Country where they teach you cast like a pro and think like fish. Me? I’m thinking I like being at the top of the food chain. I’m thinking about dinner at Cole’s Chop House.

Fly Fishing Northern California - Booker and Butler Concierges