Ma(i)sonry is not like your typical gallery. For one thing, the wine they serve is outstanding. And the fact that they even bother to serve excellent wine sets the tone for everything. There are no icy associates studiously ignoring you. There are no signs imploring you not to touch, sit or snap photos. No, this is a place to hang out while you hang around really beautiful things. It’s more like a private home, a really nice home you’d want to live in.

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If your plans include Napa-Sonoma shopping, don’t blow your budget before you make it to their Yountville gallery. The variety of works here include 16th century European craftsmen and contemporary designers alike, to say nothing of the vintage pieces by Eames, Louis Vuitton and Bertoia. And yes, that corkscrew is for sale.

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There are art gallery tours and then there is the di Rosa Preserve. A museum both with and without walls. di Rosa houses approximately 2,000 works of art by more than 800 artists. The collection includes works by Mark di Suvero, Robert Arneson, Roy de Forest, Enrique Chagoya, Manuel Neri, Joan Brown, William T. Wiley, Robert Hudson, Richard Shaw, Bruce Nauma, and many others.

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Located south of downtown Sonoma at Cornerstone is Chateau Sonoma. The shop is filled with French antiques, architectural artifacts, and various vintage items. The style is a blend of rustic and chic, vintage and vernacular. The owner scours the French countryside, gathering everything from linens to lotions and that she displays in clever vignettes.