Paddleboard Russian River - Booker and Butler Concierges“Stay to your left!”

Our guide has been cautioning us all morning to stay close to the left bank of the river. The tides are low and we could get hung up on tree limbs just below the surface.

We are stand-up paddle boarding down the Napa River. Me and about two dozen other people from my company. It’s a 2-hour journey through the tidal marshlands and reed-lined banks. This is a part of Napa I’ve only seen from the road. It’s a totally different perspective and we’re getting a lot of history along the way.

Frankly, I thought our annual group trip to Wine Country was going to be about wine tasting. This is turning out to be more challenging than I anticipated. The good news is, when we pull out, there are oysters and Sauvignon Blanc. Yay!

I’m really looking forward to this afternoon’s wine blending competition. We split into groups and each team concocts their own wine. Afterwards, there’s a taste-off. We’re going to call our wine “Boondoggle Blend.”

wine-barrels image for booker and butlerTomorrow we’re starting with a ropes course in Sonoma – climbing and repelling and team-building. That’s followed by a group cooking class where we’ll learn how to make sushi. I don’t think we’ll need much instruction on eating it.